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faceOff is the world's best sports face protector, made by dedicated and clever OBO people in New Zealand to empower players.

Research Lab

If we were to build the world's best face protector we needed hard facts. We soon realized we had to build our own in-house research test lab - the most advanced in the world.

Every detail sorted by a small group of smart committed people. Video capture at speeds up to 2,000 frames per second, skin contact analysis, and accurate concussion measurements.

Faceoff: Front Impact

A ball traveling at high speeds carries tremendous energy. For example if a softball hits your head at 100mph and comes to a stop in 2 milliseconds the power of that impact to your head is 96 KW or 128 horse power. This energy needs to be spread so it does not impact and damage a particular point on the face and the energy absorbed so it is not transferred to the skull and brain.

FaceOff has a very rigid chassis made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate to spread the impact and high density closed cell foam to absorb the energy.

Take a close look at how rigid the carefully shaped chassis is, how it moves evenly backward on impact, and how the foam works to absorb the impact. Go play... No worries.

Faceoff: Side Impact

Because our medical advisors told us how vulnerable the cheek, ear and temple area are, and how often we saw players turn their head to the side slightly just before impact we designed the faceOff to be very robust and resistant to deflection on the sides. We then placed high density closed cell foam over the ears, temples, and the cheeks. We then covered the cheeks (but not the ears so you can hear easily ) with a sweat liner for comfort... and a little more protection.

Take a close look at how rigid the polycarbonate is, and how on impact it presses against the hi density closed cell foam, and not directly on the cheek or temple.

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